Info Of More Gods & Buddhas

Black & White Impermanence Intro

Black & White Impermanence (Hei Bai Wu Chang)

Black and White Impermanence are well-known gods among the people because they frequently "go up to the world" for believers to solve their worries. The two donned long robes and high hats in white and black, with the inscriptions "Fortune at first sight" and "Peace in the World" inscribed on the hats, respectively.

Phra Phrom Intro

Phra Phrom (Four-Faced Buddha)

In Thai belief, it is the god of wealth and will protect the peace of believers. Influenced by Thailand, in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, there are more and more worshipping the four-faced gods.

Mae Nang Kwak Intro

Mae Nang Kwak (Goddess Of Fortune)

She is believed to bring good luck, especially wealth. Thai people like to put up her posters at home or in shops, and she is also enshrined in temples, such as the ancient rock garden in Hong Kong, and people even wear her amulets.


Phra Rahoo

Everyone's life will have ups and downs. They could get some help from nobility if they're lucky. They will come across villains if they are unfortunate. The villain will cause a lot of problems, and we should not only avoid them, but we should also strive to control them so that they cannot harm us. The Thai people control the villain by wearing the "Phra Rahoo" Buddha amulets.